Monday, January 29, 2007


Have you ever been doing something totally mundane when suddenly you get a glimpse of what your future will be? That just happened to me. I went to sit on the toilet (something that I do every 5 minutes, these days) and as the freezing cold water touched my skin, I realized, "This is what the rest of my life will be like!" Yes, some four year old left the seat up.

In just a few weeks I will be completely outnumbered by boys. Help!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Noah's Total Body Workout

Sitting on my balance ball has been a great way for me to relieve lower back aches and joint pain caused by my loosening ligaments. Noah has taken to sitting on a big bouncy ball we got last summer. It's the perfect size for him. Tonight I decided to pop in the workout DVD that came with my balance ball. Noah quickly grabbed his ball and joined in on the exercises. He was great at them, too! My favorite thing was that whenever the DVD instructor would say, "Great job!" Noah would say, "Yeah, Mom, you're doing really good!"

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Clean to the Bone

"Mom, I washed my hands so much today I think my skin will come off!"

~Noah James Linhart (age 4)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Noah just came out of his room wearing Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas, a red backpack, and his baseball cap. He climbed onto his tricycle, rode to the front door and proceeded to unlock it. "Mom, I'll be right back. I have to go to the store and get some giraffe food and giraffe water for Sprinkles."

Can you tell we're already bored with being sick and need to get out of the house???

How Carlo Joined the Family

We all have colds. Yesterday, Noah and I both saw our doctor and she recommended getting out the humidifier. Noah's cough was very dry and I had been told that my breathing at night sounding like a drowning donkey.

The only thing was...well...we hated our humidifier! It was this awful, drippy, loud, Sunbeam brand that barely emitted any steam and would completely burn your hand off if you tried to touch it. Plus, Noah was afraid of it, with it's two red LED lights looking like monster eyes in the night and the scary fog of steam (sometimes) growling out of it's "mouth." (If I recall correctly, it was a baby shower gift from someone who didn't like us very much.)

There was only one thing to do: go to Target. (Cue heavenly music)

The first humidifiers we noticed were these super cute animal shaped children's humidifiers.

They claimed to be whisper quiet, turn off automatically when the water tank was empty, have low power consumption, and emit a steady stream of cool steam. Awesome. But $30? How much did humidifiers cost, anyway? I quickly scanned the rest of the shelf. There was our stupid Sunbeam for $16. Piece of...anyway. But all the other humidifiers were $45 and up! The bowling ball that had replaced my head said, "Are you kidding me? The cute, perfect ones are a bargain, too??"

Jeana: Noah, which animal do you like best?
Noah: I like the cow, but I don't have a farm room.
Jeana: That's okay, we can get the cow if you like it.
Noah: No. I don't have a farm room.
Jeana: Okay, what about the frog? Frogs live in jungles and you have a jungle room....
Noah: No, they don't. Frogs live in water holes.
Jeana: Do you like the penguin? It's blue...your favorite color....
Noah: Jungle room! Plus, he will keep me awake with all his dancing.

At this point I'm thinking, "Seriously? You're coughing so hard I'm afraid you're going to vomit and all you care about is matching???"

Jeana: Fine. The frog is green. Your jungle room has lots of green.
Noah: Oh yeah!! Okay, lets get the frog! But what can we name him?
Jeana: You can name him anything you want.
Noah: I think his name should be...Carlo.

So we took Carlo home with us and set him up in Noah's room. In seconds he was blasting cool, quiet steam out of the top of his head. He looked like a froggy angel in the clouds. Noah took a cough free nap and when he woke up, Daddy was home.

Noah: Daddy! Did you see my frog? His name is Carlo and he makes the air in my room feel good!
Geary: I saw him and I really like him! When I was a little boy I had a humidifier, too. But it wasn't a frog.
Noah: Was it a penguin?

Welcome to the family, Carlo. We love you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

30 Weeks

The Good News:
I passed the glucola test--I do not have gestational diabetes. The baby's heartbeat was 160bpm and the doctor was treated a nice big kick while she was pressing on my tummy to try to feel the position of the baby. She said he feels like just the right size but that she'd like me to have another ultrasound in a few weeks because I'm measuring just a little bit big. My due date could either be off, or it could be something like extra amniotic fluid. It will be fun to see the baby again if I really do get another ultrasound. I've never had an ultrasound past 22 weeks so I wonder if the baby will look super huge or all squished up in there.

The Bad News:
I failed the hematocrit/hemoglobin test--I am anemic. My iron levels were a little low at the beginning of the pregnancy so I've been on an iron supplement, but apparently I still wasn't getting enough because now my levels are even lower. Iron is important because it's what helps the red blood cells carry oxygen through the body. Thankfully the baby takes all he needs first, but that's not leaving very much for me. So, now I have a new supplement that gives me (us, really) 650mg a day instead of the 280mg I was getting before.

Baby Stuff:
He's about 16 inches long and weighs around 3lbs. His body is developing fat to keep him warm and his skin is covered with fine, soft hair called lanugo. He already has his own unique fingerprints and he can suck his fingers. His eyes are open and his brain and nervous system are almost mature. He is also very active and we can not only feel him moving, but see his movements as my belly changes shape while he is thrashing around. We sometimes joke that we are having a squid baby because it feels like there are many, many limbs.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


WARNING: The follow post contains mature content that may not be appropriate for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

So, last March Noah and I attempted an important talk that went kind of poorly. It made me worried about future important talks. Namely, the procreation talk. Geary and I have been trying to be sensitive about teachable moments. Noah has mostly been concerned about how the baby will get out of my belly. We've had a number of conversations about how my belly will not crack open so the baby can hatch from it. (Although that does create a hilarious visual image that we still laugh about today.)

A few months ago, Noah decided to ask how the baby got in there in the first place. We ended up telling him the basics about how Daddy had a seed and Mommy had an egg and Daddy put the seed in Mommy and they mixed together to make a baby. When Noah asked where Daddy put the seed we told him he put it in the same hole that the baby would come out. His repsonse, "He just dropped it in there??" with this incredulous look on his face.

Even though we're giving the very basic age appropriate "need to know" information, he's retaining it well and making good connections. For example, yesterday we had this conversation:

Noah: I changed my mind. I want a sister again.
Jeana: Do you want a brother, too?
Noah: Yeah, I want a sister and a brother!
Jeana: Great. But there's only one baby inside me right now, and it's a brother.
Noah: Hmm...well, does Daddy have any more seeds?

Then when Geary got home, Noah said, "Daddy! Check your seeds! See if you have any sister seeds to put in Mommy!"

So, yeah. If your kid comes home from playing with Noah with a little tiny bit of easy to correct misinformation about babies, don't blame us!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ellen & Gladys

Wednesday was my designated laundry day this week and I decided to fold towels while watching Ellen. I am so glad I did because otherwise I would have missed the most gut splitting moments of laughter I've had in a long time. Check it out:

Gladys calls Ellen

Then Ellen calls Gladys

*If the videos keep pausing on you, you might want to click on the video titles to watch the clips on YouTube's server.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Noah has a toy computer which allows him to play games in either English or Spanish. Yesterday he was playing a counting game in Spanish which would reward with with an enthusiactic "Correcto!" whenever he was right.

Jeana: Noah, what does "correcto" mean?
Noah: It means "good job!" Sometimes, I wish they would say, "greato!"
Jeana: Yeah, I'm not sure "greato" is a Spanish word.
Noah: "Swiper, no swiping" isn't Spanish, but Dora still says it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sunday Morning Worship

Geary: I gotta check the score!

Jeana (bored): The Cubs are ahead by seven.

Geary (staring at Jeana incredulously): You mean the Bears.

Jeana: Whatever. Cubs, Bears. They're both from Chicago.

Geary: Yeah. But one those teams plays baseball.

Jeana: Hmm. That's funny. I should blog it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow Day

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and we woke up to several inches this morning. Noah and I tried out his "sled" this morning. We had a good time but didn't last too long out in the cold. Now we're drinking hot chocolate and cuddling up under a giant blanket we affectionately call "Sarah, Big and Warm."

Also, six years ago today, Geary asked me to marry him and I said, "Yes, please!"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am officially in nesting mode. I spent all day sorting through baby clothes and remembering what Noah looked like in some of my favorite outfits. Noah picked through the clothes with me and was most impressed by the miniscule baby socks. He said, "Wow! The baby's feet will be so tiny! Like a squirrel!" Yeah, I don't fully get the connection either--I just report the funny things he says.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

28 Weeks!

I had my 28 week OB appointment today! I'm in the third trimester! I took the mid-pregnancy glucola test today to determine whether I have gestational diabetes. That orange sugar drink gets more disgusting every time I take it. Blech! I should hear about the results in the next couple of days--but I'm not too concerned about it.

Baby's heartbeat was 160bmp and all my measurements were right on track for where they should be. After this I'll start having OB appointments every two weeks! I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by.

I was reading some of my past pregnancy posts and it struck me that I've sort of forgotten how amazing it is that I even am pregnant right now. Being pregnant seems normal. But when I remember how scared I was in the beginning and how much I had to depend on all of you for comfort and support and prayer, it hits me all over again how big a deal this is, how much of a miracle and how much I should be praising and thanking God for this tremendous blessing!

Oh. My. Goodness. PEOPLE! We're having a baby! SOON!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Still Sick

It started on Friday. I had to cover the couch with towels and whenever he started to whimper I would run to him with a clean towel. This is because I knew he was about to vomit and there was no way I could get him to the bathroom in time.

Saturday he seemed okay. We even went out and ran some errands. He actually ate some food and kept it down. But then he put himself to bed at 6pm. Strange.

He didn't wake up until almost 11am on Sunday. We kept checking to make sure he was breathing and he was. No fever. After he woke up we watched Curious George on the portable DVD player in my bed. The baby kept kicking hard and Noah giggled as the DVD player on my belly bounced around.

After the movie Noah just layed in my bed staring at the ceiling. "Are you okay?" I would ask. "Uh huh. I just don't feel ready to get up."

Around 2pm I was getting bored and feeling cabin feverish. "Why don't we go see a movie?" I suggested. Geary said, "Sure! We haven't taken Noah to see Charlotte's Web, yet. I'll check the times."

"Hey Noah! Do you want to go see Charlotte's Web in the big theater?" Nothing. "Noah?" He rolled over. "Mom, not today. Maybe when I feel better." That's when I knew it was more than just a lazy day. Healthy Noah would never turn down a movie at the big theater.

And now it's Monday. The fourth day. Andrew called and asked, "Jeana? Is it fine if Noah comes over to play today?" I felt horrible about letting him down, "I'm so sorry Andrew...he's not feeling well..."

After I hung up with Andrew, Noah called out, "Mom...who was that?" I told him that Andrew wanted him to play. Noah nodded and said, "Maybe after I feel better." His big, green eyes looked so sad.

Poor little guy. I sure wish Placebo would work this time.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nearly Two Years Later...

And this still applies.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Now I'm Smart

On the way home from preschool...

Noah: Do you know why we look both ways when we cross the street?
Jeana: Why?
Noah: Because we don't want to get cooked.
Jeana: Um...what?
Noah: Yeah, if you're crossing the street you look both ways. If it's not safe you wait. If it is safe you can cross. Then nobody can cook you.
Jeana: I still don't understand what cooking has to do with it.
Noah: If you cross the street when it is not safe, you will get squished by a car.
Jeana: That would hurt.
Noah: Yes. That would be bad. Because we don't want to be flat. If we got squished we would be flat like a pancake and then someone would cook us up.
Jeana: Oooooh. Yeah, that doesn't sound fun at all.

After seeing Geary at work...

Noah: I like saying, "See ya, Daddy-O."
Jeana: I noticed.
Noah: Andrew says that to his dad. But not my dad.
Jeana: What's Andrew's dad's name?
Noah: Uncle Chad! But Andrew calls my dad Uncle Geary.
Jeana: Do you call your dad Uncle Geary?
Noah (giggling): No! And I don't call him Isha.
Jeana: Oh yeah...does Daddy call me Isha*?
Noah: Yep. And I know what Isha means.
Jeana: Oh really? What does Isha mean?
Noah: It means "Stop and wait because I have to yell at you."
Jeana (laughing): What??
Noah: Yeah, like if you were crossing the street I would yell, "Isha! Watch out!" Then you would stay safe.
Jeana: Oh...and then nobody would cook me?
Noah: Right. Now you're smart.

*Isha is Hebrew for woman or wife and it has been Geary's nickname for me since the day he realized I was "the one".


A few months ago Noah was pretending to be a doctor and he wanted me to give him some medicine so he could give it to his "patients." I gave him an eye dropper full of water but he refused it. Juice wouldn't work for him either. Eventually I gave him some water that was colored green with food coloring. I told him the medicine was called "Placebo."

Last night Noah kept waking up saying that he felt sick. He didn't have a fever, his throat looked pink and healthy, no congestion. He answered all my questions about what felt "icky" and it wasn't his tummy or his chest or his throat or his nose. Finally I asked, "What would make you feel better?" He said, "Placebo." I gave him some green water and he went right to sleep and didn't wake up again.

What is it about some meaningless things that we find comfort in? Why did the green water "heal" Noah? What placebos do I think I need in my own life? Do you have placebos?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Working the System

Noah: I'm hungry.
Jeana: Okay, well I haven't been grocery shopping yet, so you can have cereal, a pbj, or there's some leftover pizza.
Noah: No. I just want plain bread.
Jeana: No, plain bread isn't very nutricious. You can have a pbj or pizza. Or cereal.
Noah: I just want plain bread.
Jeana: Noah, I gave you the choices. Plain bread is not an option.
Noah: Fine. Pizza.

5 minutes later...

Noah has picked everything off the pizza and is essentially eating, you guessed it, plain bread.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New Links!

Happy New Year! As Noah would say, "It's two fousand seden!"

Since we're starting a new year, we thought we'd present a couple of new links on our blog.

1. Netflix Critic

Geary has started his own movie review blog! He's only reviewing movies that are rentable now (hence the netflix) and from his blog you can easily link to the Netflix website to rent the movie for yourself and read other reviews. Go check it out! And be sure to leave some comments--let's start some good discussions!

2. Baby Linhart's Wish List

Everyone's been asking what we need for the baby. I've been putting off preparations so I could focus on Noah's birthday and Christmas, but I can't deny that the little one will be here in just three months! Since this is a second child we don't need a lot, but there were a few things that we sold or gave away to gain space that we're gonna need again. And there are couple new things we'd like to try out this time around. Check out Baby Linhart's Wish List and if you have baby gear that you're looking to pass on or get rid off, please let us know (even if it's not on the list)!