Thursday, October 31, 2013

Candy & Costumes 2013

I was sick on Halloween so this is the one and only picture I have of the boys.  

Several weeks ago my friend Katie asked if I had any good ideas on how to make a Creature Power vest based on the awesome kid's show Wild Kratts.  Her son is a big fan and so is Miles so I suggested we make some Creature Power vests together.

We ended up having a sewing party at Katie's house with our other friend, Rhonda.  It was so much fun and we made four vests that day for our little guys.  When Noah and Toby saw Miles' vest they each wanted their own.  So I made two more vests on the condition that these would also serve as Halloween costumes.  We also made some Creature Power Discs which are not shown in the picture.

It was really cool being finished with costumes so early.  But it was really not cool when we couldn't find Miles' vest even though he had been playing with it pretty much nonstop for the entire month of October.  He decided to go as Iron Man and flippantly stated, "I don't need the mask."  He sounded just like Tony Stark.

We let the boys trick or treat around our neighborhood and had the completely satisfying experience of having the Wild Kratts vest be recognized by complete strangers.  So validating!  Then we came home and passed out candy to other kids while we watched a movie together.   Another little Iron Man saw Miles and his jaw dropped, "You're Iron Man just like ME!!!"  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How To Be An Awesome Auntie

Auntie Em sent a surprise package to the boys!  A whole box full of Halloween fun.  Chocolate bars wrapped in bat wings, mini light sabers, balloons, window stickers and fake mustaches and eyebrows.  The boys had a ton of fun ripping into the box and discovering their surprises.  Thank you, Auntie Em!  We sure do miss you!