Monday, February 28, 2005

Bubble Boy

Geary and Noah at the new toddler playground in Ballinger Park.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Toe Surgery

Today I had an ingrown toenail removed and a chemical put on the nailbed so that it will never grow back. I'm very relieved to have the pain gone. Here are the highlights of my experience:
1. My doctor had white tufts of hair growing out of his ears. (For some reason this really comforted me...shrug)
2. During the surgery, I had this mini toilet seat cover thing over my foot so that just my big toe showed. That combined with the mini light shining over my toe made me feel like we were just "playing" surgery.
3. My toe is now wrapped in bright red gauze. It looks like I kicked Bozo in the face and took his nose with my foot.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

My little memory aid...

That's what Noah is. Yesterday I was working on a brochure design for church and Noah asked for some water. I told him to wait just a minute and tuned out his ceaseless chant of "Water, please, water please, water please..." I don't know when he stopped asking, but about 10 minutes later he tapped my knee and said, "Mommy, forgot." I looked down and he was holding an empty cup with this priceless impatient expression. He got his water and big hug, too.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The dog formerly known as Puppy.

Noah just named Puppy (one of his "there-will-high-drama-if-we-ever-lose-this" stuffed animals) after our friend Megan's golden retriever. He took a belt and wrapped it around Puppy's neck and starting dragging him around saying, "Come on, Rhys (pronounced Reeze)!" I thought Puppy was just pretending to be Rhys, but when I asked Noah what his toy's name was he emphatically replied, "That Rhys!" So, it's official. Puppy has a name. What a developmental stage! I'm so excited that Noah is officially playing pretend and even naming things! Right now, I am a very proud mom.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Movie Recommendation

I just saw Bride & Prejudice from the same writer as Bend it Like Beckham. I am still laughing, it was so funny! It's based on the novel Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austin, but with the whole Indian arranged marriage thing thrown into the mix. The best surprise of all--it's a Bollywood Musical!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

It's called "Negotiating with a Two Year Old."

Just a few minutes ago I was trying to get Noah ready for bed.

Jeana: Noah, come on... let's get pajamas on.
Noah: No 'jamas right now. (Thoughtful pause) May I (pause) have (pause) Ashes*, please!
Jeana: We can play Ashes after you have your pajamas on. Let's go.
Noah: Oh, okay...(Cherubic grin) May I (pause) have (pause) 'jamas, please!

*Ashes is Noahese for Ring, O' Ring of Roses aka Ring Around the Rosies

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Most fish don't have legs...

Geary might coach track this spring so I was trying to get Noah to cheer for the team mascot. Here's how it went:

Jeana: Noah, say, "Go Lions! Run, run, run!"
Noah: Go Lions!
Jeana: Go Lions! Run! Run!
Noah: Go Tigers! Go Bears! Go Fish! Run away!

Dedicated to Marilys

Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm not cooking for a month.

So, Geary told me that he would give up buying lunches for Lent. He promised to make all his own lunches and kind of hinted that he would like to have better lunches than just sandwiches. I joked that it might be kind of hard since I've given up cooking for Lent. He looked horror stricken, but then I told him about my new discovery. Actually, Anita discovered it first, then Sara joined the fun, and tonight I tried it. It's Dream Dinners. Dream Dinners is a kitchen where you make 12 entrees that can be frozen and eaten for a month. And they let you split your meals up into smaller portion sizes, so I actually came away with 24 delicious looking dinners. It was so cool! I spent an hour and a half combining the fresh, pre-cut ingredients in ziploc freezer bags or disposable baking pans; I got to leave the mess at the store; and all the cooking I have to do is throw something in the oven or the crockpot and I'm done! And the only clean up at home is the dishes we eat off of--yay! No more crusty pans to wash! For a month! I know I completely sound like an advertisement for Dream Dinners, but I'm really excited about it! We had the calzones I made last night and if all the other meals are as good, we're going to be very happy Lenters.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fun Fact: Our Pet

People have been asking us if we're going to let our kids have pets. Geary and I are not really animal lovers. I mean, it's fun to play with other people's pets, but we really have no desire to have animals in our home. However, we have absolutely no objection to imaginary pets. In fact, ever since we've been married we've had an imaginary English Bulldog named Monster (because he lives under the bed) that we've come to love. There are lots of great things about imaginary pets. For one thing, we never have to worry about him getting lost or dying. There is never any stinky food or dog messes to clean up. Plus, no barking, no dog hair, no drool. And it's really convenient when we go on vacation. But I think Noah has found the best thing about owning Monster. A few days ago I heard a really loud toot come from the direction of Noah's behind. I looked over, wide-eyed, and Geary with raised eyebrows, pointed at Noah. Noah just shrugged and giggled and said, "Monster do dat."

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Our little Frosty

Click here for cute pictures of Noah sledding with one of our favorite friends, Megan. You also might want to click here to see the snow face plant I was talking about.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Cute Pictures from Amy's House

Noah recently spent some time with our beloved friend, Amy and her beloved stuffed animal, Monkey.

Noah and Monkey swing dancing.

A nice waltz.

Noah coloring a Valentine for Mommy and Daddy. Amy surprised us by dropping this off on our front porch last night. She had attached some pictures of Noah making the Valentine...our parental hearts swelled and our frienship hearts were grateful. Thanks, Amy! You're wonderful!

Monday, February 14, 2005

The State of My Heart

Everywhere I look today, I see hearts. Heart balloons, heart cards, heart candy. But the heart I'm most excited about sharing with you today is my own. I've been through quite a journey in the last month and now I want you to see what my own eyes, blurred with tears, have seen.

Last weekend, when we were at the College Winter Retreat, my friend Leslie spoke about the unexpected gifts God gives us. She shared about the difference between the gifts she gets from her mother and the gifts she gets from her father. Her mom always gives Leslie exactly what is on her Christmas list and they are always beautifully wrapped in Perfect Martha Stewart style. Her dad, on the other hand, feels that wrapping paper is a waste of money when we have the newspaper right here. So Leslie often gets packages wrapped in the stock report and electrical tape (apparently, scotch tape is also a waste of money). I think if someone offered me a gift wrapped in ugliness I would be inclined to reject it. I would think nothing good could possibly be in that mess. But Leslie's father often gives her beautiful pieces of jewelry--diamond earrings, pearl bracelets, gifts that are precious because they are so valuable.

The point is that there are pretty gifts that we have on our list for God to give us--grace, joy, financial provision, etc. However, he also gives unexpected gifts that on the outside are ugly and undesirable--suffering, pain, etc. But how many times have you gone through something difficult and found something wonderfully beautiful at the end? One of the jewels that comes out of those horrible messes is knowing Christ in a deeper and more intimate way. Leslie reminded us of Paul saying that everything he once considered to be to his gain (all the stuff on his Christmas list) he now considers rubbish compared to the greatness of knowing Christ (Philippians 3:7-11). The Greek word for rubbish is skybalon which is literally translated shit. Compared to the greatness of knowing Christ, everything else is crap.

So here's my heart. After my second miscarriage I've been feeling like God has given me some very ugly gifts. It seemed like God had put me on this roller coaster ride and just as we reached an exciting peak, He pulled the whole coaster away and let me land on old bruises. But you know what? I had already experienced one miscarriage and found the jewel in that ugly package. And I know that if God gave me a gift wrapped in poop (which this second miscarriage seems like) I would dig through the stinky, disgusting mess just to find the greatness of knowing Christ. Wouldn't I? So why haven't I been digging through the poo?

I've been describing my relationship with God lately as being really close to him, but with my back turned. For most of January my heart has been alternating between screaming, "You're so UNFAIR! What did I miss the first time?" and "Lord, I need you. Comfort me." Thus, having my back turned while in his arms. But I think I'm beginning to turn around to face him. In my Bible Study several verses have really pierced my heart:

Ezekiel 18:25 "Yet you say, 'The way of the Lord is not just.' Hear, O house of Israel: Is my way unjust? Is it not your ways that are unjust?"

Jeremiah 18:3-4,12 "So I went to the potter's house and I saw him working at the wheel. But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as it seemed best to him...But they will reply, 'It's not use. We will continue with our own plans; each of us will follow the stubbornness of his evil heart.' "

I feel ridiculous. I have been defending my anger at God by saying that he isn't offended by my lashing out, that it doesn't make him any less than what he is. And while that is true, I also need to view God rightly. One Sunday, I broke down in tears at church because we were singing "For You Are Good" and I couldn't sing the song because I didn't believe it. But you know what? God is good. And I'm the one who has been unfair. God has been saying, "I want to make you new" and I've been saying, "It's no use. I want to be stubborn and believe my own evil heart." I've been calling God unfair, but really I'm the one being unfair expecting him to comfort me but not allowing him to heal me because he wasn't being the kind of God I expected him to be. As if I'm better than God. As if I know what is best.

The truth is, God gives good gifts. I know this! I know that they are good even if they are ugly on the outside. And I know the center of the gift is always priceless. So now my heart bears the gift of knowing Christ in a deeper and more intimate way. But I also found another little surprise. I have been able to identify with Christ's sufferings. If anyone knows suffering, it's Jesus. And because I have known deep suffering, I am a little bit more like him. Do you know how comforting that is? I don't wish to lose any more babies. I don't wish to experience any more pain than I already have, but I do hope to receive more precious jewels. Even if they're wrapped in poo.

In all things, let us praise the Giver of every good and perfect gift. He gives and takes away, blessed be his name.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

From the mouths of babes...

One day we were all lounging around in the living room when Noah asked for some juice. He seemed unusually excited when I got up to fetch a juice box. When I came back to the living room there was Noah wriggling like a puppy in my chair. With a sly smile he said, "This is my chair, Mommy!" The little sneak had only asked for juice so he could have my spot! So I said, "I don't think so, Noah. See, in this house we have rank. Mommy's the captain, Daddy is the first mate, and you get to swab the decks!" He responded with an enthusiastic, "Rank! Quack, quack!" Swabbing ducks is a really funny picture in my mind...

Other funny quotes from last night when we babysat Analia

Jeana: Lili, let's leave Rory (toy dog) in the car so we don't lose her.
Analia: Okay, Aunt Jeana! I'll give her some papercuts and she can stay in my carseat. (She meant apricots...but even that doesn't make much more sense.)

While playing with Noah and Andrew
Analia: Stand up and be a puppy!

While playing in Andrews bouncy toy
Noah: Mommy, I need a break. My head keeps bonking.

On the way home
Analia: I'm one of the girls! Are you one of the boys?
Noah: No, Lili. I'm Noah!

Friday, February 11, 2005

What's in a name...

Last night we had dinner with our friends, Burl and Leslie. For some reason Noah has in his mind that Burl's name is Chris. No matter how many times we corrected him, he still says stuff like, "Come on, Chris! Let's play!" I'm pretty sure he knows that Chris is the wrong name, though. When Noah went to bed we had him say goodnight to everyone. When he said goodnight to Burl, he looked right at him and said , "Night night, Buh," and then got this big mischeivious smile and said, "Night night, Chris!" What a goof. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Fun Fact: Illegal Fun

Well, it's Fun Fact Thursday again. I thought it would be fun to make up a list of random questions that would give you insight into the minds of the Linhart family. If you have a question you'd like to have answered please click the comments button below or send us an email. We'd also love to hear your answers to our questions.

This week's question: If you could do any illegal thing and not get in trouble, what would it be?

Geary: Trespass at the White House.
Jeana: Pull off a huge, elaborate heist, like in that movie, The Italian Job. Or The Great Muppet Caper.
Noah: Take a toy car from a thrift store without my parents noticing until we got home. Oh wait! I've already done that...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well, I guess that's true...

I just caught Noah playing in the bathroom. He was flushing the toilet and waving in the bowl saying, "Bye-bye, Pee-pee. See you later! See you soon!"

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Educational Cleaning

Today, while straightening up the living room:

Jeana: Noah, can you pick up Mommy's pony tail holder?
Noah: No pony! That's my 'O'!

Monday, February 07, 2005


I was on the phone with T-Mobile, our cell phone provider trying to resolve an issue about our account. I wasn't getting anywhere with the customer service representative so I asked if I could talk to his supervisor. I was told that all the supervisor's were out of the office but one could call me back later in the day. As if this wasn't frustrating enough the customer service rep asks, "Do you have a phone number my supervisor can call?" Hello! Did I mention, that T-Mobile is our cell phone provider! And to top it off, in order to even talk to this person I had to verify my home phone would think they already know how to reach me. Sigh.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


We just got back from a winter retreat at Mt. Baker. We went with the college group from our church as "sort of leaders." Noah was definitely the most popular person there. It was great seeing him interact with all the students. He called them his "big kids." The best part is that our network of babysitters has quadrupled.
Noah had a lot of firsts on this trip:
First time Noah has slept in a twin "big boy bed" all by himself.
First time playing in the snow.
First time sledding/inner tubing.
First "snow man." (More of a snow blob, really)
First snow angel.
First snow ball fight.
And my personal favorite...first snow face plant.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fun Fact: Our house is just like Highlights for Children

So, anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy decorating and keeping our home beautiful. But you might not know that I also enjoy "hiding" little things around the apartment. By "hiding" I mean that these objects are completely visible, you just might not notice them unless you were looking. Okay. Next time you come over, see if you can find: an orange Godzilla, a picture of a lady with extremely frizzy hair, a lightbulb full of salt, and a doll from Ikea that looks sort of like Geary (actually, the doll uncannily resembles our friend Jed Brewster). Happy hunting!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Burrito Express

Lately my favorite Noahism takes place when he's playing with his trains. I think it's his Latino heritage coming out when he says, "Chica-chica-choo-choo!" Posted by Hello