Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Working the System

Noah: I'm hungry.
Jeana: Okay, well I haven't been grocery shopping yet, so you can have cereal, a pbj, or there's some leftover pizza.
Noah: No. I just want plain bread.
Jeana: No, plain bread isn't very nutricious. You can have a pbj or pizza. Or cereal.
Noah: I just want plain bread.
Jeana: Noah, I gave you the choices. Plain bread is not an option.
Noah: Fine. Pizza.

5 minutes later...

Noah has picked everything off the pizza and is essentially eating, you guessed it, plain bread.


  1. Let me just say thank you for publishing this stuff. It always brings a smile to my face, and its a good reminder that I will soon be enjoying similar antics. :D

  2. Thanks, Karl! And congratulations--the video of your ultrasound is beautiful and we're very excited for you and Nadya!


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