Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New Links!

Happy New Year! As Noah would say, "It's two fousand seden!"

Since we're starting a new year, we thought we'd present a couple of new links on our blog.

1. Netflix Critic

Geary has started his own movie review blog! He's only reviewing movies that are rentable now (hence the netflix) and from his blog you can easily link to the Netflix website to rent the movie for yourself and read other reviews. Go check it out! And be sure to leave some comments--let's start some good discussions!

2. Baby Linhart's Wish List

Everyone's been asking what we need for the baby. I've been putting off preparations so I could focus on Noah's birthday and Christmas, but I can't deny that the little one will be here in just three months! Since this is a second child we don't need a lot, but there were a few things that we sold or gave away to gain space that we're gonna need again. And there are couple new things we'd like to try out this time around. Check out Baby Linhart's Wish List and if you have baby gear that you're looking to pass on or get rid off, please let us know (even if it's not on the list)!

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  1. Love them both. I, too, belong to netflix and am always looking for movies to put in my list. This will help.

    And now I have a whole list new stuff I want for MY wishlist. Great stuff Jeana!


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