Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How Carlo Joined the Family

We all have colds. Yesterday, Noah and I both saw our doctor and she recommended getting out the humidifier. Noah's cough was very dry and I had been told that my breathing at night sounding like a drowning donkey.

The only thing was...well...we hated our humidifier! It was this awful, drippy, loud, Sunbeam brand that barely emitted any steam and would completely burn your hand off if you tried to touch it. Plus, Noah was afraid of it, with it's two red LED lights looking like monster eyes in the night and the scary fog of steam (sometimes) growling out of it's "mouth." (If I recall correctly, it was a baby shower gift from someone who didn't like us very much.)

There was only one thing to do: go to Target. (Cue heavenly music)

The first humidifiers we noticed were these super cute animal shaped children's humidifiers.

They claimed to be whisper quiet, turn off automatically when the water tank was empty, have low power consumption, and emit a steady stream of cool steam. Awesome. But $30? How much did humidifiers cost, anyway? I quickly scanned the rest of the shelf. There was our stupid Sunbeam for $16. Piece of...anyway. But all the other humidifiers were $45 and up! The bowling ball that had replaced my head said, "Are you kidding me? The cute, perfect ones are a bargain, too??"

Jeana: Noah, which animal do you like best?
Noah: I like the cow, but I don't have a farm room.
Jeana: That's okay, we can get the cow if you like it.
Noah: No. I don't have a farm room.
Jeana: Okay, what about the frog? Frogs live in jungles and you have a jungle room....
Noah: No, they don't. Frogs live in water holes.
Jeana: Do you like the penguin? It's blue...your favorite color....
Noah: Jungle room! Plus, he will keep me awake with all his dancing.

At this point I'm thinking, "Seriously? You're coughing so hard I'm afraid you're going to vomit and all you care about is matching???"

Jeana: Fine. The frog is green. Your jungle room has lots of green.
Noah: Oh yeah!! Okay, lets get the frog! But what can we name him?
Jeana: You can name him anything you want.
Noah: I think his name should be...Carlo.

So we took Carlo home with us and set him up in Noah's room. In seconds he was blasting cool, quiet steam out of the top of his head. He looked like a froggy angel in the clouds. Noah took a cough free nap and when he woke up, Daddy was home.

Noah: Daddy! Did you see my frog? His name is Carlo and he makes the air in my room feel good!
Geary: I saw him and I really like him! When I was a little boy I had a humidifier, too. But it wasn't a frog.
Noah: Was it a penguin?

Welcome to the family, Carlo. We love you.


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