Thursday, January 04, 2007

Now I'm Smart

On the way home from preschool...

Noah: Do you know why we look both ways when we cross the street?
Jeana: Why?
Noah: Because we don't want to get cooked.
Jeana: Um...what?
Noah: Yeah, if you're crossing the street you look both ways. If it's not safe you wait. If it is safe you can cross. Then nobody can cook you.
Jeana: I still don't understand what cooking has to do with it.
Noah: If you cross the street when it is not safe, you will get squished by a car.
Jeana: That would hurt.
Noah: Yes. That would be bad. Because we don't want to be flat. If we got squished we would be flat like a pancake and then someone would cook us up.
Jeana: Oooooh. Yeah, that doesn't sound fun at all.

After seeing Geary at work...

Noah: I like saying, "See ya, Daddy-O."
Jeana: I noticed.
Noah: Andrew says that to his dad. But not my dad.
Jeana: What's Andrew's dad's name?
Noah: Uncle Chad! But Andrew calls my dad Uncle Geary.
Jeana: Do you call your dad Uncle Geary?
Noah (giggling): No! And I don't call him Isha.
Jeana: Oh yeah...does Daddy call me Isha*?
Noah: Yep. And I know what Isha means.
Jeana: Oh really? What does Isha mean?
Noah: It means "Stop and wait because I have to yell at you."
Jeana (laughing): What??
Noah: Yeah, like if you were crossing the street I would yell, "Isha! Watch out!" Then you would stay safe.
Jeana: Oh...and then nobody would cook me?
Noah: Right. Now you're smart.

*Isha is Hebrew for woman or wife and it has been Geary's nickname for me since the day he realized I was "the one".

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  1. So now I have a glimpse into what the new cool phrase will be when our kids grow up, and my nephew started it all.


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