Sunday, January 21, 2007


WARNING: The follow post contains mature content that may not be appropriate for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

So, last March Noah and I attempted an important talk that went kind of poorly. It made me worried about future important talks. Namely, the procreation talk. Geary and I have been trying to be sensitive about teachable moments. Noah has mostly been concerned about how the baby will get out of my belly. We've had a number of conversations about how my belly will not crack open so the baby can hatch from it. (Although that does create a hilarious visual image that we still laugh about today.)

A few months ago, Noah decided to ask how the baby got in there in the first place. We ended up telling him the basics about how Daddy had a seed and Mommy had an egg and Daddy put the seed in Mommy and they mixed together to make a baby. When Noah asked where Daddy put the seed we told him he put it in the same hole that the baby would come out. His repsonse, "He just dropped it in there??" with this incredulous look on his face.

Even though we're giving the very basic age appropriate "need to know" information, he's retaining it well and making good connections. For example, yesterday we had this conversation:

Noah: I changed my mind. I want a sister again.
Jeana: Do you want a brother, too?
Noah: Yeah, I want a sister and a brother!
Jeana: Great. But there's only one baby inside me right now, and it's a brother.
Noah: Hmm...well, does Daddy have any more seeds?

Then when Geary got home, Noah said, "Daddy! Check your seeds! See if you have any sister seeds to put in Mommy!"

So, yeah. If your kid comes home from playing with Noah with a little tiny bit of easy to correct misinformation about babies, don't blame us!


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