Saturday, February 12, 2005

From the mouths of babes...

One day we were all lounging around in the living room when Noah asked for some juice. He seemed unusually excited when I got up to fetch a juice box. When I came back to the living room there was Noah wriggling like a puppy in my chair. With a sly smile he said, "This is my chair, Mommy!" The little sneak had only asked for juice so he could have my spot! So I said, "I don't think so, Noah. See, in this house we have rank. Mommy's the captain, Daddy is the first mate, and you get to swab the decks!" He responded with an enthusiastic, "Rank! Quack, quack!" Swabbing ducks is a really funny picture in my mind...

Other funny quotes from last night when we babysat Analia

Jeana: Lili, let's leave Rory (toy dog) in the car so we don't lose her.
Analia: Okay, Aunt Jeana! I'll give her some papercuts and she can stay in my carseat. (She meant apricots...but even that doesn't make much more sense.)

While playing with Noah and Andrew
Analia: Stand up and be a puppy!

While playing in Andrews bouncy toy
Noah: Mommy, I need a break. My head keeps bonking.

On the way home
Analia: I'm one of the girls! Are you one of the boys?
Noah: No, Lili. I'm Noah!


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