Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fun Fact: Our Pet

People have been asking us if we're going to let our kids have pets. Geary and I are not really animal lovers. I mean, it's fun to play with other people's pets, but we really have no desire to have animals in our home. However, we have absolutely no objection to imaginary pets. In fact, ever since we've been married we've had an imaginary English Bulldog named Monster (because he lives under the bed) that we've come to love. There are lots of great things about imaginary pets. For one thing, we never have to worry about him getting lost or dying. There is never any stinky food or dog messes to clean up. Plus, no barking, no dog hair, no drool. And it's really convenient when we go on vacation. But I think Noah has found the best thing about owning Monster. A few days ago I heard a really loud toot come from the direction of Noah's behind. I looked over, wide-eyed, and Geary with raised eyebrows, pointed at Noah. Noah just shrugged and giggled and said, "Monster do dat."


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