Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pregnancy Dream Three

All of my pregnancies have given me some strange and funny dreams. I dreamed that Noah was born blue. Not blue like dead or not-breathing blue. But just blue. Like a smurf. And in the dream that was completely normal.

With Toby I had that skiing dream with the old man losing all his hair in the snow. Remember?

And this time I've dreamed several times that my water breaks while I'm on stage at church during worship team. In the dreams I interrupt the service to announce that my water has broken and that I need someone to watch the kids. Then I exit stage left to where my husband is waiting with a large towel.

I will let you know if this actually happens.


  1. Here's hopin'! Just kidding.

    Baby coming soon, oo oo oo! Can't wait to meet him! Electronically.

  2. Happened to me...well, not the water breaking, but I did go into labor with Landon while I was on worship team at a Sunday night service. I had to leave half way through the service!


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