Monday, September 11, 2006

Crazy Pregnant Dreams

For the last three nights I've had this dream.

I'm downhill skiing (I have never been skiing in my life) and I pass this older gentleman slowly making his way down the hill. I shout out, "God Bless!" and wave to him. But he thinks I've shouted, "Dog Mess!" So he lifts his shoe to look, but of course he has a ski attached to his foot and he suddenly becomes this human wheel rolling down the hill. Every time his head touches the snow, the snow acts like glue and pulls out a little bit of the man's hair so that there is a trail of gray hair down the hill. Finally, he stops rolling and he is completely bald. I race down the hill with a giant pregnant belly that was not there earlier in the dream. "Are you alright?" I ask. I'm frantic. The man nods and then grabs a handful of his scalp in his hand and does the Scooby Doo face mask removal thing. It's really my doctor! She says, "Oh yes, I'm fine! Let me just get changed and then we can deliver your baby!" Then I wake up. Huh???


  1. I had that SAME dream last night! What does that mean?

    Oh wait, no, no I didn't. Never mind.


  2. the trip down the hill symbolizes the next 7 months going by really fast. hair loss symbolizes loss of ego, so that tells you it won't be about YOU at all. love, rudy crocker


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