Monday, April 15, 2013

Look Alikes

People are constantly telling me how much my children look alike.  I sometimes joke that I must have a cookie cutter in my womb.  But really, I see every subtle difference in their face shape, coloring, and expressions.  In my eyes, my boys look like brothers but they all look very different because they are all very different people.

This morning when I went to wake them up for school I saw Toby sleeping in Miles' bed.  These kids play musical beds and it's not unusual to find them all piled in the same bed or in completely different beds from where they started at night.  I took a quick peek at the top bunk and saw a mop of brown hair. Miles and Toby must have switched places, I thought, until I gently called for them to wake up and Toby sat up in the top bunk!

I quickly looked back at the bottom bunk.  Toby was still sleeping there.  It took several more seconds of staring to see that it was really Miles sleeping, he looked so much like Toby.  He's losing all his baby features and morphing into a real big boy.


  1. They are all alike and all different at the same time! How wonderful. But I confess I love it that they all have Papa Jim's ears!

    1. I love their ears, too. I'm so glad they all got Papa Jim's ears.

  2. I can't wait to see how they've all changed!


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