Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wonder Women Wednesday: The Color I Shun

This week I asked Becky: What is your all-time favorite joke?
You can read her answer HERE.

Becky asked me:  What color would you never ever, ever paint any part of the interior or exterior of your house?

I love color.  In fact, I love color so much that it's difficult for me to even choose a favorite color.   So when Becky asked me what color I would never choose for my house I was stumped for a little while. 

And then it came to me: black!  I would never paint a wall black.  But...maybe I would want black shutters or a black front door. Oooh, black trimmed windows are really pretty.  
Laurie Jones Home

Okay, well, probably not pink.  I've never really been a pink girl.  And my three boys would protest mightily.  But then I see rooms like the one below and think, "Yes!  I love that punch of coral pink color!"  I also think, "Why are those sandals placed just so on the edge of the rug?"

The outside of my house is yellow.  I have a turquoise kitchen.  I just painted orange and white stripes in the hallway.  My bedroom is gray but I used to have a little cut out nook in the wall that was painted red.  The boys' room is bright green, my studio is light blue...I don't have any purple rooms but who knows?  It could happen!

It would seem that every color is welcome in my home. And I probably have lots of colors that other people would never, ever, ever paint in their home.  I thought and thought about what would be my most un-favorite  color.  And finally, I knew.  The color that defies the description of color.  The color that is no color and many colors.  The ultimate non-color.  Beige.

Especially that pink undertone beige that looks sort of fleshy.  I would never, ever, ever paint any part of the interior or exterior of my house beige.

Now, put your pitchforks and torches down.  Many people have lovely homes with beautiful shades of beige walls.  Some people love that tone on tone neutral look.  It is very calming and peaceful and I find it quite appealing sometimes.  If you love beige walls, more power to you.  I certainly don't think everyone should shun beige.  But in my house I need color.  And lots of of it!

What about you?  What color would you never, ever, ever paint in or on your house?  Do you have beige walls and have I now totally offended you?  Leave a comment and let us know!  And don't forget to share your favorite (clean) joke over at Becky's blog.  I fully expect to be rolling with laughter over there!

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  1. Oh, that fleshy beige. You are so right. Sounds like it's time to share some pics of your fabulously-painted house, lady! You KNOW I'm interested!


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