Monday, April 22, 2013


Auntie Em is getting married this weekend!  I was practicing walking in my matron-of-honor shoes and after some very cute compliments from the littles on my "princess shoes" we got to talking about weddings.

Toby:  Is a wedding like a play?
Jeana:  Sort of. It's a ceremony.
Toby:  What's a ceremony?
Jeana:  It's a uh...something special that we do to show that we're doing uh...something special.

Wow, not my best moment as a parent.  Or a speaker of English.  Toby nodded as if he understood.  Then I showed him a picture of what his tuxedo might look like.

Toby:  Oh!  No wonder I got black shoes.  This all makes so much sense now!

I'm glad something does!


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