Saturday, February 23, 2013

So, our dishwasher broke.  I'm pretty sure we've had to replace a major appliance every year.   In the small appliance category we found that ants were nesting inside our coffee maker.  Yum.

Two guys from Home Depot installed a new dishwasher today.  They also discovered that our old dishwasher had been silently leaking for a long time.   So that's what was causing that odd bulge in the floor.  We feel so dumb.  And frustrated.  I peeled back some of the vinyl "wood" flooring that I put down last fall and sprayed the swollen, moldy floor with bleach water.  Now we're waiting for the floor to dry out to determine if we need to cut the damaged part out and replace it...who am I kidding?  I am pretty sure we'll need to cut the damaged part out and replace it.

Most embarrassing moment:  While the installers were installing the dishwasher Miles came into the kitchen and repeatedly said, "Why is his pants falling off his butt?"

Most disgusting moment:  The putrid smell of the rotting food and stale water that had leaked under the dishwasher and was sitting as a small pond in our kitchen.

Happy thought: This song has been in my head for several days.


Our God's got this.  No worries.  A swollen sub-floor and ant filled coffee maker are really no big deals.  We'll let you know how it all turns out.  It's a never-ending adventure in this happy, yellow house!

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  1. *desperately trying to come up with an ant-coffee pun and failing*
    Oh, dear! I know similar feelings but it's more standing under the "just-fixed" roof and getting soaked. My roof is your kitchen (sort of!) Anyway, I feel for you.


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