Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wonder Women Wednesday: Greece

This week I asked Becky:  What is the funniest gift you've ever been given?
You can read her answer HERE.

Becky asked me: What part of Europe would you most like to visit?

It's sad really.  I have never had a passport.  Except for Canada and Mexico, I have never been out of the United States.  I have never left this continent and I've barely left the west coast! 

But I do have travel dreams.  And the place at the top of my list is...Greece.  I have a huge crush on Greece.  I've made Geary promise, numerous times, to take me there.  Whenever I see a coffee table book with pictures of Greece I am compelled to open it up and stare at every page for minutes, soaking up the beauty.

via Oia Santorini

The islands, the ocean, the colors, the shapes, the culture, I want to immerse myself in all of it.

via National Geographic
It looks like a fairy tale world to me.  Exciting and romantic and ancient and vibrant and sacred and I want to go now!

via David Pedler

via First Choice

Just look at those cliffs!  And that beach!  And the sea so clear and blue. 
via Tourist Maker

Oh, and Greek food!  I love it.  Well, maybe not the calamari or anything else with tentacles, but everything else, yum!
Via Visit Greece

Via Charter World
I've been told the climate is wonderful. Not too cold and not too hot.  It seems like the perfect place to explore.  And to relax.

via Organized Tours in Greece

Greece also seems incredibly romantic to me.  I can imagine just strolling through a market, holding Geary's hand, marveling at the beauty surrounding me.

Via Visit Greece

I'm extremely interested in Greek mythology, architecture and art.  I want to explore every ruin and visit every museum.  
via National Geographic
And I want to see new construction, too.  One of the things I love most about those coffee table book pictures of Greece is how it can look so ancient and so modern simultaneously.

via Antiworld News
via Beauty in Everything
Someday, Greece.  Someday, you and I will meet.

What about you?  Where in Europe would you most like to visit?  Have you ever been to Greece?  Is it every bit as amazing as I dream it to be?  Also, I would love to read about your funniest gift over at Becky's blog!


  1. Hmmm... my little home body self doesn't have a burning desire for a particular adventure in Europe. I don't know how to answer that question. But I would really like to see Alaska. Like go on an Alaskan cruise or something. Greece sounds and looks good, too. :)

  2. These pictures are so gorgeous. Reminds me of Mamma Mia!

    I want to castle spelunking in Europe. :)


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