Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonder Women Wednesday: Super Power

This week I asked Becky:  Which creature are you afraid of even though you know it's silly to be scared of it?
You can read her answer HERE.

Becky asked me: If you could have any super power what would it be?

Obviously, I would wear satin tights, while fighting for my rights, and the red, white and blue!  Oh wait, that's Wonder Woman.

I think the coolest super power of all would be Empathic Mimicry like the Heroes character, Peter Petrelli.

Empathic Mimicry is the ability to duplicate the powers of others simply by being near them.  Peter was even able to recall the abilities he had "absorbed" even when he wasn't in close proximity to the original possessor of the power.  

Tim Kring, the creator of the series, said in an interview that Peter's power is "based on his empathy and his ability to connect with people."

Another cool thing about Empathic Mimicry is that you're not affected by other people's super powers.  For instance, you could still see someone when they were using their power of Invisibility.  Or if someone was using Telepathy you wouldn't fall prey to their mind control.    Oh, on that note, a super power I would hate to have would be the ability to hear other people's thoughts.   Scary!

What about you?  What super power would you choose?  I'm also looking forward to reading about all the creatures we find so scary.  You'll find my answer over on Becky's blog and you can leave yours there, too.

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  1. Well, it seems you've trumped all other super powers (or super towers as Cam used to say :) ). That would be an awesome super power to have. But whenever I wish I had a super power, I wish I could be like Mary Poppins. Snap your fingers and your job is done. Or snap your fingers and be in a different place (usually tropical, sunny, warm, restful, etc.).


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