Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Hi.  Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately.  I've been trying to figure out our new routines and keep up with  all the newness that this season brings.  It happens every year so I'm mentally prepared for it but losing my husband back to school when the summer is over still takes some physical getting used to.

I've also joined MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and have committed to going to Library Story Time as well as my weekly Women's Bible Study.  I work hard to give our lives lots of margin so that also means I've had to say "no" to a few things I would like to do but don't feel that it's the right season in my life for.    We are all slowly but surely adjusting to waking up earlier, and getting where we need to be.  Soon, I'll have a better idea of what times of day will be okay for blogging.

And now a list of things that have broken since my last post (in which our car and both bicycles were unusable):

  1. The bike trailer
  2. My cell phone
  3. The boy's t-ball tee

They seem to come in threes, eh?

But I love it that the longer list is all that we have to be thankful for.  Here's just a tiny bit of our gratitude list:

  1. Geary's job
  2. That Geary likes his job
  3. That Noah is privileged to attend a great school
  4. Homeschooling Toby
  5. Miles' infectious enthusiasm
  6. Our town
  7. Our home
  8. Our church family
  9. Encouraging words from Rhonda
  10. My prayer group at Bible Study
  11. Walking with Jayme
  12. Abba's Poetry
  13. A new starter in the van
  14. Freedom in Christ
  15. A sparkling clean refrigerator
  16. Hot air balloons
  17. Sunshine
  18. Our backyard
  19. Upcoming jewelry bazaars
  20. White vinegar


  1. White vinegar. Hummmm. You'll need to share your joy about that one. :o) I love you friend!

  2. White vinegar is one of my favorite cleaning products. It does a great job, eliminates odor, and is cheap, cheap, cheap! And the reason I was thankful for it yesterday is that Miles put the nozzle of the spray bottle filled with white vinegar in his mouth and sucked on it He got a sour taste but that's so much better than if that bottle had been filled with a chemical commercial cleaning product!

    Love you back :)


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