Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Quotes from my Birthday

Yesterday was my 34th birthday and it was just about perfect.  Saturday night we had our connect group from church over for a Taco Potluck and birthday cake.  It was a super fun night in our backyard with all the kids running around and  the perfect end of summer night air.

Then on Sunday I got to sleep in which was heavenly.  And church was great, followed by a delicious lunch and a little shopping.  When we got home the kids all took naps or read while I watched a chick flick and Geary rubbed my feet.  It was a low key, happy day--just what I needed.

And of course the kids had funny things to say all day long.  Here are a few of my favorites conversations.


Toby:  Wait! It's your birthday?  Are you going to get presents?  Are you going to get Legos?


Noah:  How old are you anyway?
Jeana: Thirty four.
Noah:  Whoa!  You're older than Jesus!


On our way out of town we passed the C.S. Lewis Academy elementary campus...

Noah:  What is C.S. Lewis Academy?
Jeana:  It's a private school, kind of like Veritas, and it was named after C.S. Lewis.
Noah:  Oh.  Is C.S. Lewis dead?
Jeana:  Yeah.  Actually, he died on the same day as John F. Kennedy.
Noah:  Really?  Is John F. Kennedy the guy who wrote Lord of the Rings?
Jeana (laughing):  No.  That was J.R.R. Tolkien.  And he's dead, too.
Noah:  What about the guy that wrote Harry Potter?
Jeana:  Actually, the author of Harry Potter is a woman.  And she's not dead.
Noah:  Awesome!

Miles was super cuddly and climbed into my lap.  He stuck his head into my face and said, "Kiss it!"


One of our shopping destinations was Goodwill.  I didn't find anything for myself, but I did find something special for Toby.  He's been playing with it all day and even rode home all the way from Beaverton wearing it.  I can only imagine what the people in the cars passing by thought!  Here's a little video so you can see what our great $2 treasure was!


  1. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing the always brightens my day! -Christina

  2. Happy Birthday!! Sorry that I'm so behind on the celebration. I love that he's keeping time with the sword.


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