Thursday, August 11, 2011

Handmade Harry Potter Wands

Noah was invited to a Harry Potter themed birthday party and to help him get ready for it we watched the first Harry Potter movie. It was fun and strange to see the actors as little kids again. And Harry's first experience in Ollivanders gave me a great idea for something to bring to the party. We made wands!

And to add to the experience we also made wand boxes.  Here's Mr. Ollivander's spidery handwriting.

These red boxes were a thrift store find and I designed the labels after looking at a few similar labels online.

Below is a closeup of the label.  I'm gonna go with the story that Ollivanders has updated their logo several times in the last thousand years.

But I'm sure you want to see the actual wands, don't you?

They are made out of incredibly special, difficult to find materials.

Paper, hot glue, and spray paint.

We just rolled the paper into tight cones.  Then filled the tubes with hot glue.
After they were dry we drizzled more hot glue on the outside.
And finally we spray painted them with a mixture of whatever spray paint we had in the shed.

This was a fast and super easy project.  
It wouldn't take much time at all to whip a few of these up for your own Hogwarts party.

I'd love to know if you make your own wands.  Send me a picture!


  1. So cool! I thought they were store-bought! :)

  2. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

  3. My girls would flip to get such an amazing wand!! Great job!

  4. Awesome! I wish my brain worked like yours does! :)

  5. It's Levi-OH-sah...not Levi-oh-SAH! =)
    Love these!!! Does Noah wanna come to my bday party?! =)


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