Thursday, August 04, 2011

Catching Up

Remember my goal of making one new design for every month? Well, I have been keeping up on it. I just haven't been keeping up on posting them. So here's a little catch up post showing off the designs for June and July.

Rosie Posie Necklace

This little beauty sold right away at the Old Fashioned Festival so I didn't get a chance to take more photos of  it alone or on a model.  But I have plans to make a bunch more for a couple Christmas bazaars I'll be participating in.  Each necklace costs just $15 and the color choices are limitless!  Let me know if you'd like to custom order one.

Unnamed Earrings

 This is actually a design that I've been tweaking since last Christmas.  I still don't know if I'm totally satisfied with it.  I'd like to try it making it with a heavier gauge wire.  They are supposed to be leaves with a pearl or crystal dangling in the center but I'm still working on getting them to hang just right.  However, lots of people have said they like these as-is and I do admit that they are very sweet with their half-heart curlicues.

Here's a lovely shot taken by my friend Becky.  I love how the earrings are framed and how the background fades into soft blurriness.  I am not sure what to call these earrings.  If you have any ideas, please share!  If I choose a name you suggest, I'll give you a little surprise from my shop!

I need to make a date with my amazing model photographer, Molly, to get some shots of my newest pieces (including some from the Old Fashioned Festival that I'll show you later this month for August's reveal) on models.  Then I plan to add a bunch of new stuff to my etsy shop.  But if you saw something you liked in any of the OFF pictures just let me know and I can give you more details on it.

In other news, Miles (20 months) has been potty training himself!  I take zero credit for this amazing event.  I'm convinced he just wants to be like his big brothers.  He's sat on the potty 9 times in the past 3 days and has gone every single time.  I put him in underwear for the first time today and he kept them dry for about three hours but then we had to go grocery shopping so I put him back in a diaper.  The possibility of being a diaper free house soon has got me all giddy!

Don't forget to tell me what you think those pearl and leaf earrings should be called!


  1. Thanks for posting that pic I took. That's sweet. I like your pic way better. I like the comparison, for my photography education. :) Lighting!

    And yay for Miles potty-training himself. Jonathan did the same thing at the same age. He was always *very* disappointed when we put a diaper on him to go out, and if we were at home and he was wearing a diaper, he ripped it off and strode to the bathroom. We were flabbergasted and overjoyed, as I recall. Especially since James wasn't out of diapers until he was 3.

  2. What about "sweet seed"? I thought of a tree seed that I've seen before that looks similar, thus the name. The pearl could represent the seed and the heart like leaf wrap, the 'kite like' material that surrounds the seed to give it flight to fertile ground. It also reminds me of a little seed of life in a mothers womb. Either meaning works. :o)

  3. I thought of another few this morning..."Morning Dew" or "Suspended Rain Drop"


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