Friday, August 12, 2011

Water Baby

Miles is my only water baby.  Noah has finally started liking showers and Toby will tolerate baths but they both still hate getting their heads wet and hair washing is the worst.  But Miles loves it all and will happily stand/dance under a shower spray until the water runs cold.  In fact, while the other boys sometimes cry about having to take a shower or bath, Miles will cry when it's time to get out.  At 20 months of age, Miles' vocabulary is multiplying by the hour and he's found new ways to express his love of water.

Wahr is water.
Bash is bath.
Plash is splash.
Po is pour.
Washit is washcloth.
Soapah is soap.

And now my favorite.  Howard is shower.  Tonight when I turned the shower off and attempted to wrap Miles in a towel he grabbed the handrail in the shower and started screaming, "No!  Want more howard! Pwease, Howard!"

I'm so thankful I didn't drop him: all my laughter plus his writhing, slippery baby body made for a pretty treacherous moment.  But don't worry.  I promised Miles he could have more Howard tomorrow.


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