Thursday, November 05, 2009

Baby News

I had an ultrasound today because my belly was measuring kind of big. The baby looks good and they are estimating his weight to be around 8 lbs today. However, my amniotic fluid level was lower than they'd like to see. The ultrasound tech, the radiologist and my doctor are not worried though because I'm basically at full term. On Sunday I'll be 38 weeks pregnant and officially in the any day now zone. The radiologist predicts I'll go into labor within the next 72 hours. We shall see!


  1. what? 72 hours??? holy cow! you're going to blog your labor live right? :)

  2. Ah! I'm so excited for you! We're out of town for the weekend. Don't you want to wait until at least Monday? :) Prayers for comfort, peace, health, safety, and logistics.

  3. Wow! Exciting, so so so exciting! Can't wait to meet the new babe.


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