Friday, November 06, 2009

Narrow Escape

Well, I guess my low fluid levels were more serious than the radiologist suggest. My doctor called me last night after seeing the ultrasound report and said my fluid levels were not slightly low but very low and that I needed to go into Labor & Delivery to check the health of the baby. With low amniotic fluid the umbilical cord could become squished and the baby would have no source of oxygen.

So I spent the night in Labor & Delivery Triage being monitored, getting two ultrasounds and praying my head off that I would not have to be induced. After nearly 7 hours of being there I was told that my fluid levels looked good, the baby looked great, and that I was free to go home. It was a long, frustrating night to say the least.

I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday and right now she wants me to agree to have ultrasounds twice a week (at a location 40 minutes away) to keep checking the fluid levels. I'm planning on calling her back today to ask more questions. I'm also planning on drinking fluid pretty much non-stop and hoping that my body goes into labor all on its own within the next couple days so that this will be a non-issue.


  1. I'm sooo sorry for the scare and long night. I will up the prayer. Have a good weekend with your parents and I will see you soon.
    Love you tons, Mom

  2. Wow! What an ordeal. Glad that everything turned out okay! I'll be praying.

  3. I think drs love tests and monitoring... it seems to be there answer for everything. I prefer the prayer and trusting version much better. I will be praying continually until I hear the baby has come! Love and prayers your way! We serve a big God.... One who is over little precious children in the womb!

  4. Ahh sorry to hear about the crazy night! I am praising God all is good!!!
    LOVE YA!


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