Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Veritas Raffle

It's fundraising time for Noah's school (and the school where Geary teaches) so I thought I'd just put the word out there about our raffle prizes this year. If you're interested in purchasing a ticket let me know. The tickets are $20 each or 3 tickets for $50. I know that sounds like a lot but wait till you see the prizes. Also, the tickets are limited (1000 max) so you have more chances to win. You also get to choose the prize you'd most like and there is a separate drawing for each prize which means even more of a chance at winning. The drawing will he held on Friday, December 4th and you don't have to be present to win. So, without further adieu (click on the item title to get more info on each prize):
MSRP $400



Pretty swanky, huh? Noah has a goal of selling at least 6 tickets this year. The class that sells the most tickets by December 4th will get to have a pizza and root-beer float party!


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