Saturday, July 04, 2009

Terrible Twos

A new milestone to record on the blog!
Uh-oh! Someone got in trouble today!
Noah is glad it's not him because he remembers having to sit on...
...The Naughty Mat. We haven't seen it for a few years but now that a certain two year old has been wreaking havoc it's time to bring it out again.
Poor Toby! He had to serve his first two minute time-out on the Naughty Mat. When the timer went off he and Mommy talked about why it's not okay to take books off the bookshelf and throw them. Toby said, "Sorry, Mama," and Mommy said, "I forgive you, Toby. Let's hug!" And the naughty mat was rolled up and put away. No more sad faces to see on mats or mommies!


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