Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Jewelry Designs

I attempted to take pictures of my latest jewelry designs today. I am getting better but I am still a pretty lousy photographer. Thankfully a friend of a friend is going to help me out by taking pictures for me to post on etsy. And I'm going to keep trying to figure this whole lighting thing out on my little wimpy camera.

But enough of my whining. Here's what you really want to see:

Hopefully my photographer will be available to help me soon because I really want to get these on etsy. But, in the meantime if you see something you love and can't live without let me know!


  1. Jeana, these are beautiful!! I'm thinking that I may get a jump start on my Christmas shopping. I just need to take some time to sit down and look through everything.

  2. Really pretty pieces. I like the dangly red crystals.

    You need a light box.
    Take the pictures inside, next to a sunny window, with your camera set to macro, inside the box.

    -Lorraine (I don't know why I'm randomly showing up as Lobolita)

  3. Thanks Alison! And they completely fit in with your handmade only pledge :)

    And thank you Lorraine. I have a light box but my results are pretty much the same. I'm still working on it. I'mpretty sure my camera is partly to blame so I'm saving up for a nicer one.


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