Friday, December 19, 2008

Dialogue with Kermit THE Frog

Jeana: Hey, that new Muppet Christmas movie is on tonight.

Geary: Oh yeah? We should watch that as a family.

Noah: What's a Muffet?

Geary: Muppet.

Jeana: It's like a puppet. But better.

Noah: A Muffet is a puppet?

Geary: It's Muppet. Mup. Pet.

Noah: Mup. Pet.

(upon seeing Gonzo for the first time)

Noah: What is that thing?

Geary: People have been asking that question since 1975.

Noah: I've seen some of these Muffets on Sesame Street.

Geary: Muppet!

(after the movie)

Geary: That was fun. It was strange to hear different voices though.

Noah: Is this going to be on tomorrow, too? Are there more Muffet movies?

Geary and Jeana: MUPPETS!!

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  1. I love it! I can hear all of your voices in my head as I read this :)


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