Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Naked Truth

It all started yesterday afternoon. I was trying to finish up a Christmas gift and make lunch at the same time. Noah was begging to go out to play in the snow, and Tobin was practically in tears saying, "Ni-ni! Ni-ni!" (which of course means he wants a nap).

I put down the gift, checked on the bread I was thawing in the oven, instructed Noah to bundle up, and scooped Toby into my arms to get him ready for a nap. Hoping that the bread wouldn't burn, I removed Toby's wet diaper and cleaned him up with some baby wipes. That's when Noah whined for the 100th time that he couldn't find his pants. So I quickly stood Toby, pulled his pants back up, kissed his adorable cheeks, and deposited him in his crib. "Ni-Ni, Mama," he whispered and instantly fell asleep. I would have lingered over his preciousness but Noah was on the verge of meltdown because he still couldn't find his pants.

I closed the bedroom door and quickly found Noah's pants on top of the laundry pile. The sniff test revealed that they were clean enough to wear so I tossed them on his head and hussled over to oven where the bread had nearly become toast.

The rest of the afternoon passed by quietly. After lunch Noah watched a cartoon as I finished the gift I was making and started a new one. Geary came home from running some errands just as Toby started to stir in his bedroom. "I'll get him," Geary offered. I nodded and murmured, "Thank you."

About a minute later I heard Geary explode into laughter. "What! What's so funny?" I called from the living room. Geary, still chuckling, came into the living room with Toby on his hip. "His diaper leaked. What kind of diaper did you put on him?"

"I don't know...I thought it was Huggies. Whatever was in the drawer."

"Are you sure it was Huggies?"

"I thought so. Did it have Mickey Mouse on the waistband? The only way to tell is to look."

"Okay, I'll show you."

Geary set Toby down and pulled down the back of Toby's pants to reveal..his bare bottom! In all the chaos of my multi-tasking I had forgotton to put on any diaper at all! We all dissolved into giggles. "Oopsie!" I grinned.


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