Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dad Advice

Noah: Some kids are laughing at me during recess. Older kids. They ask me questions and then they laugh. What should I do?

Geary: Hmm. Well, what do you want to happen?

Noah: I want them to stop laughing at me! I want to be their friend.

Geary: Okay. Then this is what you do: Go up to them and say, "Look! Do you want to be my friend or not?" If they say, "Yes," then tell them that friends don't make fun of one another.

Noah: What if they say, "No,"?

Geary: Then you just go like this, "Pffft...Amateurs!" and walk away.

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  1. excellent advice, dad! i think i'll use that in my adult "playground"


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