Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Daddy

Geary is a wonderful dad and one of the things he does that I just love is taking the boys out on walks. They'll walk to a park, or to get a treat like doughnuts or icecream. They'll walk to a bookstore or the library and read together. They have many adventures with the stroller. I know it's one of the special things that my sons will remember about their father when they are grown. And I know it's already special to them, because they already emulate him in this way.

Here is Toby putting a doll into his push car which has been transformed into a stroller.


"Ready to go?"


The proud little daddy.


Off they go!

It's so fun to see my boys acting like their father. Sometimes we get strange looks when people find out our sons have a baby doll. But if the purpose of play is to learn how to be an adult by pretending to be one, I am all for my sons pretending to be good dads. And I pray that they will grow to be amazing fathers just like their own.


  1. Oh my goodness! Tobi is so BIG! Wow! Fun to see him...feels like such a short time ago he could barely walk at OMSI! =)

  2. tobi IS so big! how did that happen!?!? wow. super great pictures and with even better meaning. i think you are right on about the doll thing and emulation. girls and boys "parent" dolls differently and it's a beautiful thing that they are both in the doll's life.

  3. Eli LOVES dolls. He practices by kissing them and wrapping them up in a blanket and making them go "night, night". Your pictures are so cute!


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