Saturday, October 11, 2008

32 Years!

Today is Geary's birthday. He's sleeping in right now and the kids and I just finished hanging this birthday banner we made for him yesterday. I did the cutting, Noah did the painting, and Toby did the ripping, hiding, and mess making. I was inspired by my friend Alison who got the idea from this blog.

Happy birthday, Geary!
I'm looking forward to
another precious year with you,
my amazing husband.


  1. HI MRS. Linhart!
    This is Andre one of Geary's not so studious students from the class of '05. I was actually doing a websearch for Geary because I lost his email address... well we kind of all lost his email address. Lots of us want to chat with him. So if you could be so kind as to email me his email I would be forever grateful. Thanks a bunch.

  2. oh yeah email address is sorry about that. Im glad you are over your pneumonia. I just recently acquired a case of mild "walking" pneumonia. Its annoying. God Bless!


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