Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Days Driftin' Away...

Is it really August 26th?? That means school starts in one week. And that means I will officially have a kindergartener! It also means I have to go through that transition of missing Geary at home. We've had a great summer. It seems like it's been a long one, too. Our trip to Black Butte feels like it happened a year ago. But maybe that's just because we're sleep deprived from watching the Olympics.

Yesterday we drove into Portland to the Dennis Uniform store. Now that was a crazy experience. Kids were tossed to into dressing rooms with their parents throwing navy and khaki and all manner of plaid to them and other parents as if it were a fish market. Two women fighting over the last pair of gray walking shorts size 14 husky. And an employee announcing over the loudspeaker that they only had 3 size small St. Vincent's P.E. shirts left. It was a circus. But we were able to find what we needed with only two quick trips to the dressing room frenzy area and now Noah is all set for school.

Our last week of summer has filled up quickly, too. Today we're having some new friends over for dinner. Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend for coffee and then our family is going over to the piece of land where Veritas will be building their new school building for an Excavation Celebration. Thursday is the Kindergarten Picnic. Friday I'm meeting up with a lady who was a mentor to me in highschool and her daughter who I used to babysit who is now a junior at George Fox (small world!) And this weekend we're helping out at the farm for a garage sale. I'm kind of tired just thinking about it all!

I guess our last days of summer are not so much "driftin'" as racing away. It's okay though, I'm looking forward to the next season.

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  1. How I know summer is over is: It's dark in the morning when I go to work. It's been a busy summer for me but I finished my externship. Looking forward to what the fall has to bring. Have you confirmed the dates in Sept for Cathy and me. Who is this mentor you are meeting up with?


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