Friday, August 22, 2008

A Much Needed Break

We ran out of inventory for our family business and I think we just kind of hit a slump as far as working on it. The heat didn't help and back to school activities are starting up which take up a lot of time. We had a bunch of excuses for not doing anything and frankly, we just needed a break! This all bled over into my blogging as I'm sure you've noticed a lack of posts lately. However, today we decided to get back in the swing of things so we took $40 and went to all the garage sales we could find in Newberg. We now have 3 dressers, 1 desk, 2 rocking chairs, and 1 night stand. Yep, the Linhart Furniture Flippers are back in business! And I should be back to blogging several times a week now, too.

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  1. yey! so glad you're back in the swing of things! even more glad you took a rest when that's what your family needed. can't wait to see pics of the new flips!


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