Thursday, August 28, 2008

There's something different about you...

Today Geary invited Noah to accompany him to the grocery store for some ice-cream. Noah was so excited about this outing that he hurriedly slipped his bare feet into his shoes. On the way to the store he must have realized something was missing because he commented, "I hope people can recognize me without my socks."


  1. I'd know that Noah anywhere!! By the way, Natasha is still carrying around his phone number and begs me to call him. I think we'll try to soon. :-) Good thing they're like 7000 miles apart or Adam would have a fit.

  2. LOL!!! i'm pretty sure noah is the funniest kid i know!

  3. I was just thinking... good thing it's not "no socks, no shirt, no service"!


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