Saturday, August 31, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation part 9 :: Framehart Campout

Do you know the Frames?  They are an awesome family.  We really like spending time with them.  In fact, one time Noah said, "When we're with the Frames we should call our whole group the Frameharts.  Or...the Lames."    That right there is typical Framehart humor.

I have been grieving since November because that's when the Frames moved away.  But!  That's also when Becky and I decided that our families would definitely go camping together this summer.

The Linharts are not very experienced campers.  The Frames are experts.  So we borrowed a tent from some other good friends.  And the Frames set up an amazing camping experience for all of us.

Here's our campsite.  Our tent is on the right.  It could have held both the smaller tents inside.  It was awesome.

Miles liked it so much he did a little camping dance.

And he wanted to show you the tent. 

You can open it up!

And go inside!

We brought a bunch of glow necklaces for the kids.  The first night I peeked inside the tent to check on sleeping Miles.  This is what I saw.

And this is what I saw with the flash.   Silly boy.  With badly chapped lips.  They're better now.

Geary was our main dishwasher.  I was his main helper.   The Frames set up a pretty cool camp kitchen.

We mostly just hung out.  We played games.  We talked.   Becky brought her guitar and we sang together.  The boys got along famously.  It was blissful.

Noah and the Frame boys are all around the same age.  But they're pretty good at letting the littles play with them.   I love how the Frameharts feel like one big family.   I think that's kind of rare.

We camped near Mount St. Helens and took a day trip to Johnston Ridge Observatory.  Ranger Hannah told us all about the total devastation caused by the eruption in 1980.  She was a very exciting story teller.

Mount St. Helens.

I told Jonathan, "Look like you're about to erupt."  So he held his breath until his face turned red.

We didn't know it until we got there but we were in Sasquatch Country!  When we passed this sign all of read, "Buried a Frame."  It wasn't until we stopped at this little tourist trap that we realized it was advertising a buried A-frame building.

This big foot statue is made of concrete and ash.

There was a little theater showing movies about the volcano.

And here's the A-frame which is buried in ash and mud.  I think the No Smoking sign is a little ironic.

And here's a cute family picture.  Just kidding, that's not really me.

We loved camping with the Frames.  I think we'll need to make it an annual tradition.  Thank you, Frames, for being such awesome camp guides.  We can't wait for next Framehart reunion!


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