Monday, August 19, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 3 :: Black Butte Ranch

Geary's parents own a cabin at Black Butte Ranch near Sisters, OR and every year they invite us to spend a week with them there.  We love Black Butte and the traditions we've established there.  Most years we get to spend the week with Geary's sister's family, too and several times Uncle John, Aunt/Grandma Mary, and Cousin Eric have joined us, too.  We have so much fun reconnecting with family, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful mountains.

This year seemed especially fun to me and I think it's because we there without a baby!  Miles is potty trained now and for the first time we didn't have to worry about diapers or pack'n'plays or crying babies in the middle of the night.  I am really enjoying this new phase for our family.

Some highlights:
  • All the cousins performing an original musical production of "How the Three Little Pigs Should Have Ended."
  • Making jewelry with my sweet nieces.
  • Reading, reading, reading.
  • Hanging out with the beautiful women in my family.
  • Geary getting to take golf lessons.
  • The oldest cousins being allowed to ride bikes on their own this year.
  • Finding out that vinegar works really well to ease the pain of major sunburns. Ouch!
  • Toby and Miles riding horses for the very first time.
  • Finding gorgeous fabric at the Sisters Thrift Store.  Sisters hosts a yearly quilt show that is a big deal in the quilting world.  Their thrift stores always have quality fabrics for cheap, cheap, cheap.  I found a pristine yard of Amy Butler fabric for just $3!

I was too busy relaxing and playing to take any pictures (except of the horseback riding) but I stole some photos from my brother-in-law (thanks, E.J!).

 Toby looks seasick here but I promise he was having a good time canoeing with Eric.


Canoeing with Grandpa Bob and Papa John
 Biking is always a big part of our Black Butte vacations.

 Grandpa Bob reading to Miles.

Toby loves horses so when we found out that we could sign him up for a Lil'Buckaroos ride we set aside some cash for him to be able to ride a couple times.

 Here he is mounted on Swift.

 Ducking under a low branch.

 He wore this grin the entire time.

 Look at the gorgeous mountain in the background.

 Toby was a total natural on Swift and even instinctively reached down to pat his neck.

Sweet, happy boy.  My heart was bursting for him. 

 The Lil' Buckaroo rides are supposed to be about 20 minutes of parents leading the horse around.  But the stable was busy with lots of people going out on trail rides so they let Toby ride for almost 45 minutes!

 A few days later we took Toby riding again and this time Miles wanted to go, too.  Miles rode Lonesome.  I didn't get to take a lot of pictures of Miles because this time I was leading him around while Geary lead Toby on Wilbur.

 Miles had a good time and chattered away the whole ride.

Toby was like an old pro on Wilbur but said he liked riding Swift better.

We always have such a great time at Black Butte!  Thank you Bob and Garyanna for hosting us once again.  We can't wait until next year!


  1. I love, love, love it! We have been waiting for the Black Butte summer vacation chapter. GREAT pictures and fun time, I love making memories there.

  2. I just had to watch it again, I don't think I have ever seen Toby smile that much! You thank us for the time at BB but we are the ones who are blessed by having you there.

  3. A ranch vacation wouldn't be complete without horseback riding or a buckaroo ride! And it's great that your little boy Toby enjoyed this part so much. The picturesque view of the mountain, fun activities, and bonding with the family sure made your vacation memorable. Looking forward to your next vacation there! :D
    Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group


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