Thursday, June 07, 2012


Toby (age 5) has been playing superhero all morning.  He's dressed up in a cape, mask, and wrist bands and he's jumping, kicking, and punching his way all through the house.  The entire time he's been playing he's been talking to an imaginary friend.  For example, he'll say aloud, "It's time to defeat the bad guy!" And then in kind of a stage whisper he'll look to his right and say, "You create a diversion!"

"Toby," I asked him, "Who is your sidekick?"

"Sidekick?" He seemed confused.

"Yeah, you know, Batman has Robin.  Mr. Incredible has Frozone.  Who are you talking to right now who's helping you defeat the bad guy?"

He shook his head at me, "Ooooh.  I don't have a sidekick."  He gestured to his right, "These are my backup singers."


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