Friday, June 08, 2012

Super, Too

We were talking about super heroes at lunch.  Noah's super name is Ne-Hawk.  He can fly, shoot ice, fire, lightening and earth (???), has super quick reflexes, and he can turn invisible at will.

Toby is Tobytron.  He can also fly and shoot fire from his hands.  And he has super strength and super speed.

Miles is simply known as The Beast.  He's basically like the Hulk.  Except that when he's super happy he turns in to a big pink monster and destroys all that is in his way. (Noah giggled uncontrollably while telling me this).

Noah:  Dad is the arch-villain.
Jeana:  The arch-villain is the enemy you have over the entire arc of your story.  Other enemies may show up here and there but the arch-villain is always there.
Geary:  Then why don't we call it the arc-villain?
Noah: and Lili have a Shark Club and we have an arc-villain named Soggy Bob.  And that person is...Grandpa Bob.
Jeana:  Does Grandma know?  Or is she part of the villainy?
Noah:  No, she knows.  Grandma gives us advice on how to stop him.
Miles (shocked):  Grandpa Bob!?!?

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  1. cute... I love "listening in" on your guy's conversations!


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