Monday, May 07, 2012

Makin' Stuff

Toby made a Play-Doh hamburger.  When he explained all the parts he said, "That's the bun, that's the meat, that's the lettuce, and the red thing isn't ketchup.  It's a tomato."  And then to further clarify, he stated, "It's a grown-up hamburger."  Because, you know, kids would never eat tomatoes on their hamburgers.

My friend, Chris, just had a beautiful baby boy and asked me if I would make a diaper stacker for her.  She had a train theme going but couldn't find a train style diaper stacker that she liked.  When she told me the nursery colors were blue, green, and brown, I found this collection of fabrics.

And here's the finished product.  Oops, I forgot to iron it before taking this picture.  It was also taken at night but I didn't take any better pictures because I was eager to package it up with some other goodies to send to my sweet friends.  The feedback:  She likes it and said it's perfect! Yay!

A couple weeks ago my MOPS group went to a fun store in Portland called SCRAP.  It's like a thrift store for art and craft supplies!  I found this big spool for 50 cents and a ball of yarn for a dollar.  Together they became an over sized spool of thread decoration for my craft room.  I wrapped the yarn around some wire and bent it to spell out the word love.  I think this would also look so cute with a ball of yarn for knitters or crocheters.   I only wish I had bought the other three giant spools that were also at SCRAP.  Maybe they'll be there next time I go!

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  1. Isn't Scrap the funniest little store! I love what you did with the spool and the word love. Very cute!


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