Friday, April 27, 2012

Sibling Rivalry, a parenting tool

We had just returned home from dropping Noah off at school.  I unlocked the front door and Toby knocked Miles aside to open the door.  I didn't like that rude behavior so I gently pulled Toby back and suggested, "Why don't we let Miles open the door this time?"

Miles was in a contradictory mood.  Ha!  As if I even needed to state that.  He's two!  Of course he's in a contradictory mood.  Anyway, he grumbled, "No!  I not open the door."  Ugh!  He was not helping me on my mission to teach Toby to take turns.  So we had the following exchange.

Jeana:  Miles, open the door please.
Miles:  I not!
Jeana:  Miles, we need you to open the door.  Just push it.
Miles:  No.  I not yike the door.
Jeana:  Okaaaay.  Who's going to open the door? Toby or Miles?

Surprise, surprise, Miles immediately leaped for the door and pushed it open.  Who cares if you don't "yike" the door if it means you get a chance to beat your older brother at something?  I'm not sure my kids learned anything but I think I have just harnessed a new power--using Sibling Rivalry to motivate my children.


  1. It at least motivated Miles! I'm not sure if Toby was motivated...haha. I love the word "yike". It makes me happy, and I yike it.


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