Thursday, October 06, 2011

Super Great Christmas Gift Idea

So, I have a this great idea that I want to share with you.  First I'll show you something I made.  It probably won't look that impressive at first.  Ready?  Here:

It's a graphic I made of the state of Oregon.  The heart is on our little town of Newberg.   I printed it out, framed it and I'm going to hang it in our hallway art gallery.  I love it.  It's clean, simple, and meaningful.

Now, this is not my original idea.  Prints like this are all over etsy.  Some people even make necklaces and tote bags and pillows with designs like this.  

This is my great idea. For the month of October I will make a custom print like this for you.  Think of all the people you could check off your Christmas list with a gift like this!

So instead of spending $25 plus dollars for a print on etsy, I will design one for you, completely customized. State, city, colors, icon.  Maybe you want a little house instead of a heart?  Or a map of the U.S. with hearts on every state you've lived in.  Or how sweet would to be to give grandparents a map with hearts wherever they have children and grandkids?  The possibilities are endless!

Here are the pricing options:

$5 will get you a custom design which will be emailed to you as a high resolution pdf.  You can then print and frame it yourself.

$10 will get you a custom design, printed on good quality photo paper in any size up to 8x10 and mailed to you (or hand delivered if you're local).

Now...who wants one?  Email me at  I must have your orders by October 31st  and you will receive your designs and/or prints before November 19th.


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