Monday, October 03, 2011

Highly Educated Briefs

This weekend I put all the summer clothes in storage and pulled out the fall and winter clothes.  As we were sorting through clothes and figuring out what would fit each boy I was taking notes of what they each need.  Noah needs pants.  Toby and Miles need shirts.  Miles needs a coat.  And even though I had done all the laundry in the house I could only find three pairs of Toby sized underwear (which our family calls 'chonies' --Spanish slang for underpants)

Jeana:  Wow, Toby!  You only have a few pairs of chonies.  Where did they all go?
Toby:  I put them in the laundry.
Jeana:  I know, you're really good about that.  But look, I can only find three and there's no more laundry.  I wonder where they went.
Toby:  Maybe they went to college!


  1. Oh, Toby, you are the funniest comedian ever!

  2. hey! we're a "chonies" family too!! it's a good thing because the only thing i ever heard kids' underwear called was "panties"...things got to change when you leave a house of 3 girls and move to a house of 3 boys:)
    thanks for the smile, toby!

  3. Never a dull or boring moment at your house. So lovely.



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