Thursday, August 25, 2011

Linen Closet Organization

I'm not typically a bathroom snoop in other people's houses.  I usually just do my business and move on.  But I do love seeing how other people organize their stuff and if people invite me to see inside their closets and cabinets, I'm always interested.  So I thought I'd share how I organized the closet in our main bathroom.

Here's the full view, almost.  I couldn't get the very top shelf in but
you can see part of it in the picture below.

We have all our meds up high where the kids can't reach. 
 I also keep our toilet scrubber up there because otherwise Miles will use it as a sword.  
A few months ago I was looking at this make-up organizer at Storables.  
But the Thrifty McFrugal in me just couldn't justify paying $29.95 for it.  
Last week I saw the exact organizer (it still had the Storables tag on it) sitting 
on the shelf at my favorite thrift store.  It cost $1.50.

And here it is on the next shelf down.  I put it through the dishwasher and it came out looking brand new.
Also on this shelf is my hair stuff and things I want the kids to be able to reach.  At least the older kids. Because that way they can fetch things for me.  Because that is the whole reason I had kids, so they can bring me stuff.  I should have named one of them Fetchy McBring-me-that. The plunger is here for the same "Miles will use it as a sword" reason.

I'm really happy with my new organizer.  It's so nice to be able to see all that I have at a glance.
I have a mirror hanging on a hook to the left of the closet so that this whole shelf works as a kind of
hair and make-up/mom get ready station.

We go through a lot of washcloths in a week with all the wiping of boys' faces that we have to do.
I recently bought 24 new ones from Target (8 for $3.99) and now they live
 in this storage bin so the kids can grab them all by themselves.

And finally, at the very bottom we have the potty chair and the scale.
Both ready to slide out at any moment.  And yes, I really do hate that toilet paper.

So there you have it!   A little tour of our bathroom closet.  Now you don't even have to snoop!
But if you already have, I forgive you, Snoopy Von Peeperson.


  1. Just yesterday I cleaned and organized our linen closet. We have lived here in this apartment almost 8 months and things were where I had thrown/stuffed them the day we moved in. My linen closet and my husband are very happy.

    And, we are very spoiled to have a linen closet in a vintage Chicago apartment.


  2. Isn't the "site of organization" a beautiful thing... love yours... so fun! I have lots of little corners that need some special organizing attention... hum... should probably get to it!

  3. Hooray for the thrift! Your closet looks great. You have such a knack for organization. I need to come up with a name for you- Tidy Van Orderly?

  4. Yeah! I love seeing how other people organize things. Thanks for sharing!

    PS: If you're looking for matching towels, I got some nice, fluffy, inexpensive ones at K-Mart. They've got great colors, and also a whole lot of other bathroom things to match (rugs, shower curtains, etc).

  5. This is just making me giggle and giggle. I love your names. Fetchy McBring-me-that. *gigglegiggle*

  6. Congrats on your thrift store find! Your patience paid off! I like that you assume that there is any sort of organization to my closet. Currently, it's in a state of "Watch out when you open it, lest you be pummeled by towels & cleaning supplies." And I'm pretty okay with its current state of disorganization. Someday...


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