Friday, August 26, 2011

The Happy Yellow Spoon

My friend Becky has been writing adorable stories about sad, abused, inanimate objects that become loved and cherished and well cared for.  I love Becky's stories.  So I thought I'd take a stab at writing my own inanimate object story.  Except mine would have a twist.  It would be a riches to rags story.  Now, after many hours minutes of crafting my tale, I present to you:

The Happy Yellow Spoon

Once upon a time a women's ministry director gave a mama a happy yellow spoon.  The mama liked the yellow spoon and she knew just what to use it for.  It would become a lock for her printer cabinet so that the mischievous baby would be foiled in his attempts to create more messes.

The happy yellow spoon rested happily in the cabinet door handles, guarding the electronics and files and printer paper from the mischievous baby.  It was a good life.  And the mama loved the happy little spoon because the mama always liked using objects in quirky ways and a spoon lock was most definitely quirky.

But, alas! The mischievous baby grew into a mischievous toddler who soon figured out how to remove the happy yellow spoon from his post.  The mama disciplined the mischievous toddler and the mischievous toddler learned to leave the cabinet alone.  And just like that the yellow spoon became superfluous.

And so the mama removed her quirky door lock and placed him in the drawer with all the other spoons and spatulas.  The happy yellow spoon was doomed to drown in sauces and become stained by tomatoes and onions and have his happy yellow head singed in skillets of scrambled eggs.

The End

And if you didn't feel like reading all that nonsense, here's a visual illustration of my spoon's life.  You're welcome.


  1. OhmygoshIlovethispostsomuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am guffawing to the point of pre-breakfast nausea about the fate of your yellow spoon! The sad face in the sauce pan is SO. AWESOME. Hahahahahahahahah!!!!! :D :D :D :D

  2. I loved it!!!! From one author to another your story is wonderful! I can see a book of children's stories in the works. I could suggest a publisher, no wait, never mind I don't like mine right now.


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