Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funny Stuff

I was shopping with all three boys in a fabric store.  I'm pretty sure I will not attempt that again anytime soon.  Toby was running away.  Miles was shouting from the cart, "Diaper!  Diaper!  Diiiiiiiaper!"  And Noah was cringing behind me, "This is so embarrassing."


This summer Geary and Noah are trying to do one activity per day from The Dangerous Book for Boys.  

Noah:  Is there a book like this for girls?

Jeana:  Yeah, I'd like to get it some day.  Remember, we saw it at Chapters?

Noah:  Oh, yeah.  The Despicable Book for Girls

Uh...not quite, son. Not quite.


We love Phineas and Ferb and often sing their songs as we go through our days.  This is one of Toby's favorites:

Yesterday, Toby came out of his room wearing a ribbon wrapped around his chest, sash style.  He said, "Mom, can you make me a boy Fireside Girl?"  He also sings, "We wear our patches upon our 'staches..." which gives the hilarious mental image of girl scout badges stuck to a mustache.  

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