Monday, April 18, 2011

One of Those Days

Raced to the store to get peanut butter for Noah's lunch before school started, only to drop the jar in our driveway.  The glass shattered and was only held together by...peanut butter.  We normally grind our own peanut butter at Fred Meyer or Winco but this time, since I was in a hurry, I just grabbed a jar of Adam's.  So, I'm going to back to bed in order to start this day over.  Peanut butter.  Who needs it?


  1. We miss Adams peanut butter - cannot get it in Chicago. Hope a little nap helped.


  2. Back to bed. Wise choice. Do over!

  3. Oh, dear! I'd go back to bed too!!! I hope he enjoyed his jelly sandwich!

  4. Maybe my morning will make you feel better. :) It was past time to get out the door and after a struggle trying to get K to do what was needed, she couldn't find her shoes, so the middle school 2 left late. Then R was not happy with the (generous) amount of jam I let her put on her toast so she stomped and pouted and cried in time out. All 3 brushes have been misplaced and so we couldn't find a brush to brush R and N's hair. (Found one after a plea to the Lord :) ) Then N couldn't find her homework folder. Found it, but not the homework that was supposed to go inside. Finally found it after another plea to the Lord. :) Then realized I didn't have keys to Reid's car that I was driving today and it was time to leave. He had to come home to give me a key and take the girls to school (hopefully they weren't late!). Thought it was done, but found the note telling R's teacher that she was riding home with a friend on the table. Phew! What a morning! Feel better? :)


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