Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toby's Birthday Party

Toby's fourth birthday was a wonderful day!  Early in the afternoon we went shopping for birthday supplies and when we got home Toby asked, "Now we can build my birthday?"  And did we ever build his birthday!  

We blew up 25 balloons and they were all over the table and floor.

Toby wore a special birthday crown and got to sit at the head of the table.

We covered the table with a birthday balloon tablecloth that Toby picked out.

And the cake was Toby's requested 
chocolate with chocolate frosting and sprinkles!

He was pleased with my work.

We had party horns.  "Just horns.  Not the kind that spit out." Toby directed.
They made a very, um...celebratory noise.

We also sipped "green orange juice" (limeade) from crazy straws.

And dinner was hot dogs, potato chips, and sliced strawberries.
All Toby's choices.  Noah called Toby the best brother ever.

Then it was cake time.  But first we all went around the table
and told Toby all the things we love about him.  He was very sweet
and said, "Thank you!" without any prompting after each comment.

He was VERY excited when we "put the candles on fire"
and it only took three tries for him to blow them all out.

I think he liked it.

Yeah, he really seemed to enjoy it.

One of Geary's Toby Loves was, "I love Toby because 
of the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles."

Toby was not the only one who enjoyed the cake.

When the cake was finished, Toby asked, "Can I have a bath now?"
It was a good idea.  And it was a really fun bath because
Auntie Em had brought over a birthday present--a color changing car!
In cold water the car turned from green to orange and in bath water
the car turned yellow!

After bath time it was pajama time and Toby got to watch Tangled 
which was released on DVD on his birthday.

Here are a couple videos about how the Toby and Miles enjoyed the cake:

We loved celebrating our Toby!  And we're very excited for all the things that Toby has told us that fours to.  For example, Fours talk to their teachers and Fours don't scream in the shower.


  1. "Just horns. Not the kind that spit out." Swoon! What a cutie pie!

  2. What a sweetie. I love hearing about his personality.

  3. Loved the party pictures and learning what things "fours do"!

  4. Such sweet memories you are creating. And your house is darling.



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