Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zoo Boys

Yesterday my sweet friend, Rhonda, invited us to take advantage of her membership pass and join her and her beautiful little son at the Oregon Zoo.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day so how could we resist?  Rhonda was smart and brought her camera.  She caught some lovely shots, too!  Click any picture to enlarge.

Miles and the sea lion
This one had buck teeth!  Can you see 'em?
He was also missing an eye so he looked like he was 
constantly winking--so cute!

All the zoo boys and the other sea lion.
It was so cool when the sea lions swam together
like synchronized swimmers.  They are so big and yet so graceful.
Can you see all three lions in this shot?  I love lions.
Probably because I love Aslan.

Caracol Wild Cat
This guy's ears could turn completely backwards!
Toby did a cute demonstration with his hands on his head.

Painted Wild Dog

This exhibit had a little tunnel for kids to climb through
and then they could pop up in a bubble inside the cage.
Toby didn't want to go by himself so I crawled in, too.

This is one of the critters we saw from the bubble.
I don't remember what kind of bird it is but it reminded us 
of Zazu from The Lion King.

Also, sharing the cage were these little mongooses.  (Mongeese?)

Toby was really excited about seeing crocodiles.
I hate crocodiles/alligators.  But they're okay behind glass, I guess.
Miles and his buddy seemed pretty into them.

View from the top.  
Ugly beast.  Ugh.

Colobus Monkey
He seemed to enjoy watching Toby as much as Toby
enjoyed watching him.  My boy is so cute--
how adorable is he with his back pack?

Polar bears were another must see.  There was a huge one and a little one.
We got to see the big one get in the water, but the smaller bear just did this
funny little backwards and forwards dance.  
Finally, he peed at the edge of the pool 
and we wondered if that was potty dance 
and if he was waiting for a little privacy and 
then just couldn't hold it any longer.  Too funny!

All our little bears.

We had a great time and it was nice to spend some moments in the sunshine with a beautiful friend.  Thank you, Rhonda!  You are a blessing!

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  1. What a wonderful day and pictures! Thanks for including us in the fun.


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